Careers at Risk of Extinction in the Future: Insights from the Gulf Countries

Many people are in search of their vocational calling. At such times, they look at different offers and evaluate them. To understand the demand for a profession, it is worth analyzing the market. This will allow you to choose the right specialty that will bring pleasure and a good level of income. It’s fairly easy to analyze given the availability of platforms such as It collects vacancies from different employers, which are regularly updated. You can constantly monitor which professions are most often sought after and compare the conditions among themselves.

What occupations are less sought after right now?

Time marches on, so to keep up to date, you need to keep track of current trends. Although every profession has its value, some vacancies are rarer and rarer as time goes by. Again, you can go to Layboard to see what companies are offering most often and what kind of employees they require.

For example, radio presenters are not that popular right now compared to other professions. This profession used to be particularly popular, but over time the demand has subsided. People often listen to standard music, but instead of radio, they can listen to not only audio but also video, which is much more interesting for many.

Another profession that is not particularly relevant right now is the conductor. Automation of processes leads to the fact that such people are not needed because payment can be made through special devices. However, it is still possible to find vacancies for conductors in some countries.

What professions will be irrelevant in a few years?

Let’s start with accountants. Special programs and systems will be able to record and process financial data more efficiently, although the accounting profession will probably not disappear completely. Instead, their role may shift to monitoring the accuracy of information entered and analyzing reports.

Similarly, the proofreading profession is also tending towards automation, as modern editing programs already perform many functions such as error detection, synonym matching, and plagiarism checking. Artificial intelligence is also beginning to make its way into the field of journalism, where it is possible that reporting functions will be largely automated.

The profession of librarianship, while not going away, may also change due to increasing digitalization and the availability of online databases. Traditional libraries may give way to digital libraries, and librarians may be re-trained as electronic resources and database consultants.

The travel agent profession is also subject to change due to the advent of online services for selecting vacation options and reviews on social media. These factors may significantly reduce the role of the individual in this field.

Stuntmen may also face automation in the profession due to technological advancements that make it possible to duplicate people on screen or use technology to create dangerous scenes.

Overall, modern techniques and automation are affecting many occupations, requiring people to adapt to the changes and seek out new possibilities in other fields.

What professions are worth looking into?

In recent years, it has become apparent that certain areas are emerging as particularly important and have significant growth potential. The pervasiveness of AI is persistently spreading into various areas of our lives, from automation to the healthcare sector. AI developers are responsible for creating and improving algorithms and models that enable computers to learn and make decisions. Hence, the demand for them will grow exponentially soon.

Cybersecurity professionals are taking the responsibility of protecting computer installations and networks from intruders and cyber threats with the proliferation of digital techniques, the growing threat of cyber-attacks adds to the importance of this profession.

Virtual reality developers create both innovative and engaging worlds for users, giving them a wider appeal in the field of gamification, learning and entertainment.

Big Data experts play an important role in processing and analyzing large amounts of data, which is becoming increasingly important for companies. They will develop strategies for collecting and analyzing data to extract valuable information and identify new trends.

Energy conservation experts are researching and developing new energy storage technologies, such as batteries and hydrogen-based storage systems, to meet the growing need for sustainable energy.

How to choose a job?

Choosing a profession is one of the most essential decisions in every person’s life. Not only the future, but also personal satisfaction from work, financial well-being, and opportunities for professional growth and development depend on the chosen profession. Therefore, it is important to approach this issue carefully and spend enough time analyzing and studying various aspects of a potential profession.

When it comes to choosing a profession, the first step is to identify your interests, passions, and hobbies. Work that brings joy and satisfaction often becomes a source of inspiration and produces better results. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself questions about what you would like to do that inspires and motivates you.

In addition to personal interests, it is also worth assessing your skills and abilities. Some careers require certain technical skills or creative thinking, while others may require communication or organizational skills. Understanding your own strengths and advantages will help you choose a profession in which you can excel.

It is also important to consider the relevance of your chosen occupation in today’s labor market. Developments in technology, changing societal needs, and global economic tendencies all affect the demand for various fields and professions. A thorough study of labor market requirements will help to predict the prospects of the chosen profession and plan your career.

Consulting with professionals in your chosen field, as well as working with mentors, can provide valuable information and help you better understand what lies ahead in your chosen field.

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