Guide to Adopt Me Urban Egg Pets

Are you ready to go on the ultimate Roblox egg hunt adventure with cheap Robux? In the virtual world of Adopt Me, the latest addition is the Urban Egg, which is very exciting. If you are wondering what pets are in the Urban Egg and which might be the best, you are in the right place! Join us as we explore all about Adopt Me eggs in Roblox.

Players must purchase urban egg from the gumball machine in the nursery to get urban egg pets. After that, players can hatch the egg to reveal their new pet. Each pet has a particular hatch chance based on how rare it is.

Common Adopt Me Urban Egg Pets – 35% hatch chance

The Urban Egg has pets that resemble everyday creatures that live in urban environments. These are:

  • Bluebottle Fly: they are cute and tiny and bring charm to any collection.
  • Cockroach: These brown, flat bugs may seem a little icky.
  • Mongoose: Small, furry, and brave, Mongeese are known for their speed and intelligence.

Uncommon Adopt Me Urban Egg Pets – 25% hatch chance

These are rarer, unlike the common ones. These pets have distinct appearances and behaviors.

  • Tawny Frogmouth: They have big, wide mouths and camouflage as tree branches.
  • Rock Pigeon: They have smooth feathers and round bodies.

Rare Adopt Me Urban Egg Pets – 20% hatch chance

This is an exclusive category; these pets have striking features and playful personalities. These are:

  • Indian Leopard: It is a big cat that has black spots. They move very swiftly, live in forests, and climb trees.
  • Toy Poodle: Toy Poodles are tiny, fluffy dogs with curly hair. They love kids and are very friendly.

Ultra Rare Adopt Me Urban Egg Pets – 16% hatch chance

These pets are rare finds and are loved by all the collectors and adventurers, such as:

  • Alley Cat: they are furry and come in many colors. They love napping and try to find perfect spots to do so.
  • Seagull: these birds are usually gray in color, and they glide over the sea looking for fish.
  • Black Kite: Like seagulls, these birds, with long wings and sharp beaks, float on warm air currents looking for food.

Legendary Adopt Me Urban Egg Pets – 4% hatch chance

Finally, the Legendary category has the most elusive and prestigious pets: the Billy Goat and Gargoyle.

  • Billy Goat: Billy Goats are the ones that make that loud “baa” sound and are questionable about everything. They have thick beards and curvy horns and climb steep hills.
  • Gargoyle: A Gargoyle is a stone statue and not a real animal. People in the olden times used to have them to scare away bad spirits; they looked like monsters.

So, whether you want the perfect pet or want to improve your gaming experience with cheap Robux gift cards, there is something for everyone. Remember to check out the Adopt Me Urban Egg pets list to see all the fantastic creatures you can collect. And if you want to expand your gaming zone, consider exploring Blox Fruit accounts for sale. Do not miss out on all the fun – get a buy Robux gift card online today and get into the world of Roblox!

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